The Eastern Region (Ilaqa) is one of the 12 administrative regions (Ilaqa) under the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat system in Ghana. The programme of activities drawn for the year by the National Aamila (Executive) is implemented at the regional level. The MKA is headed at the regional level by the Qaid Ilaqa (Regional President) who together with his Regional Aamila execute the planned programme of activities within the Circuits (Di’la) in the region. The Eastern Region has 6 Circuits and each is headed by a Circuit Qaid who supervises the Khuddam with his Aamila. The Regional Headquarters is at Koforidua.

2015/16 GOALS

80% Implementation of Consolidated Program in all Circuits within the Region.

Organization of Regional Ijtemaa.

Organization of 50% Circuit Ijtemaa.


  • Akim Oda Circuit Ijtema
  • Kibi Circuit Circuit Ijtema
  • Asamankese Circuit Ijtemaa
  • Regional Donation to Prisons

The highlight of events will be the donation to the Ghana Prisons Service. We humbly request members to pray for a successful event.

Distribution of jamaat leaflets in the streets of Koforidua. About 150 leaflets were distributed by 8 Khuddam and 5 Atfal to the general public after their Circuit Rally.

It's great to be a Khaadim and an Ahmadi. Serving the majlis has been a blessing for me. I urge all members to come out of their shells and work for the majlis- Sadique Osei
As a student at the All Nations University, I thought it was impossible to combine my studies with majlis activities but alhamdulillah it's so easy. All you have to do is to think ``God first`` and Allah will do the rest for you. Let's get involved.- Ahmed Asamoah Anti
Hi guys!, this is the time we have to make a difference. MKA Eastern needs you and I to make that change. Let's go #teameastern- Hamid Frempong