The Ashanti Region (Ilaqa) is one of the 12 administrative regions (Ilaqa) under the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat system in Ghana. The programme of activities drawn for the year by the National Aamila (Executive) is implemented at the regional level. The MKA is headed at the regional level by the Qaid Illiaqa (Regional President) who together with his Regional Aamla execute the planned programme of activities within the Circuits (Di’la) in the region. The Ashanti Region has 13 Circuits and each is headed by a Circuit Qaid who supervises the Khuddam with his Aamila. The Regional Headquarters is at Kumasi.

2015/16 GOALS

80% Implementation of Consolidated Program in all Circuits within the Region.

Organization of Regional Ijtemaa.

Organization of 80% Circuit Ijtemaa.


Upcoming Events

  • Marriage Seminar
  • Study Cycle

Study Cycle Program

For the past ten years, Majlis Khudam-ul Ahmadiyya of Ashanti region meets on every Saturday at the Conference room of the Central Mosque between 4:30Pm to 6:30pm to study Islamic knowledge.

As the name connotes it is a study circle; provides a platform whereby each and everyone contribute to the topic on board. A khadim appointed by the Tailim Secretary only briefly introduces and controls the direction of the Topic to be discussed.  Many topics have been discussed which include but not limited to Obedience to Authority, Islamic Marriage, Jihad, and Islamic perspective on Interest.

Mr. Wahab Adusei, Tailim Nazim and his Naib Mr. Sadiq Osei have been instrumental in their organization to make to make the study cycle program a success.

Marriage Seminar

Islam, unlike other religions is a strong advocate of marriage. Prophet Mohammed, Peace and blessing of Allah be upon him’ said there is no celibacy in Islam. Marriage is a religious duty and is consequently a moral safeguard and a social necessity. The prophet has also said marriage is my tradition and whosoever keeps away therefrom is not amongst me. It is out of these good Islam teachings that Majlis Khudam organizes Marriage Seminar once every month.

Most often the Khuddam from the three circuits in Kumasi namely Atonsu, Asafo and Oforikrom converged at the central mosque to have the marriage seminar. The resource person’s presentation is followed by ‘questions and answers’ and answer sections. The event is repeated in the other remaining circuits (Asante Akim, Sekyere West, Kumasi District, Nkawie, Sekyere East, Sefwi, Adanse West, Adansi South, Denkyira and Amansie East). . It does not end there. After every marriage seminar report is prepared and sent to regional Rishta Nata secretary, Lajna, and Ansarullah for further action.