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Each year rallies are held at the various level of the Majlis beginning from the local level, through the circuit and the regional levels and culminating into the national rally. During the rallies, members benefit from various discourses aimed at building their moral and spiritual uprightness. Members also participate in religious, academic and sporting competitions, as well as embark on route march through the principal streets of the host town or city.

There are many benefits of the Ijtema to the participants.  Members should utilize this opportunity to renew their personal faith and spirituality, meet and establish friendship with other members of the community, welcome new members into the fold of the community and remember those who have passed away in the previous year and pray for them.

Ijtema participants should:


  • Constantly pray for the success of the Jalsa.
  • Offer Salat in congregation at designated times.
  • Observe proper mosque etiquette when in the prayer area.
  • Listen quietly during recitation of the Holy Quran.
  • Pray for safe travel of all members to and from Ijtema.
  • Not waste time in idle gossip but spend spare time in remembering Allah.


  • Under the security arrangements, every member should carry his/her Jamā‘at identity card during all the sessions of the Jalsa and other events. The card must be presented on demand.
  • Front rows of the hall should be filled first so that the members coming afterward don’t have to go all the way to the front rows as it is against the etiquettes and also creates disturbance.
  • Cooperate with volunteer on duty to help you park in appropriate spaces.
  • Notify security about any suspicious characters not wearing a badge.
  • Not disturb others by talking among yourselves during the formal sessions.
  • Visit to stalls during Ijtema proceedings should be strictly avoided by the members.

The Ijtema Grounds

  • Attend Ijtema sessions in marquees at proper times.
  • Register as soon as you come to Ijtema and put on your name badge.
  • Those who require permit for Green Area (area near stage) or for chairs must get permits from Nāzim Permit in advance.
  • Be courteous to fellow attendees of the Ijtema.
  • Show respect to your elders and act in a kind manner to those younger than you.
  • We should display discipline by making rows straight, remaining silent and attentive.
  • Cell phones should be switched off during Ijtema session.
  • Members must observe punctuality in attending the Ijtema. They must arrive before the start of each session.  Please arrive at the Ijtema grounds well in time.
  • Unnecessary movement should be avoided during the proceedings, as it creates lot of disturbance for other audience.


  • Not visit the dining tent or stalls during formal sessions.
  • Not waste food and keep the dining area clean.
  • Keep the bathrooms clean and report any non-functional bathrooms ASAP.
  • Try to portray the true and beautiful image of the Jamaat to outsiders, especially our neighbors.

For any enquiries about the Ijtema, contact the following;

  • MUHTAMAD MULK – MR. HANEEF SAM KEELSON (+233 501 392 920)

General enquiries about Ghana Jama’at;

  • Telephone: +233 302 776 845
  • Fax: +233 302 772 593
  • E-mail: ahmadiyya.gh@yahoo.com