The Atfal Department supervises all affairs of Majlis Atfal Ahmadiyya, Ghana. The Muhtamim Atfal (Secretary) draws up an annual programme for the Atfal and supervises it execution across the regions.


Central West Region Marks Aftal Day


Story by Saeed Bin Usman, Nazim Atfal

The Central-West Region marked its maiden Atfal Rally during the 35th Annual Rally of the Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya on Saturday, April 9, 2016 in at Essakyir Circuit. The exercise, which was the first of its kind in the history of the Majlis in the Region, was attended by more than 300 Atfal drawn from all the eight Circuits in the Region.

Master Yusif Bin Yedu, a Tifl from Essakyir Circuit chaired the event which was attended by Mr. Ustaz Bashirideen Zakariya, Mutamin Atfal, Mr. Sadique Usman, Qaid Ilaqa, Central West Region and Mr. Saeed Bin Usman, Nazim Atfal Central-West Region and other national and regional executives of the Majlis.

Mr. Ustaz Bashirideen Zakariyya, Muhtamin Atfal, speaking on the theme “Responsibilities of a Tifl towards a peaceful coexistence in our communities” admonished members to engage in salat frequently as instructed by Allah in the Holy Qur’an. This he believed would always draw them closer to Almighty Allah and enhance their spirituality and standard of faith in Him and therefore prevent them from engaging in things that would bring conflict.

He took the opportunity to narrate some ahadith and a story of Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) to the children and his love for Almighty Allah and encouraged them to emulate him. Mr. Zakariyya made the program very lovely and interactive by asking the Atfal questions from the history of Islam and Ahmadiyya.

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He further scolded parents and all Khuddam present to instill the model life of the Holy Prophet in their children and any child under their care for them to be fervent believers in the Promised Messiahas and exhibit no lax in morals when they are growing up. He advised the Khuddam to see the Atfal as their successors and so should live life worthy of emulation.

Mr. Saeed Bin Usman, Nazim Atfal Central West Region in his report indicated that the Central-West Region won the Best Region during the 2015 Annual Rally of the Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ghana in Tamale. He said many Atfal from the region performed well during the event, hence the decision to have a separate sitting for them at this year’s Regional Rally.

In his closing remarks, the Chairman advised the participants to take their academic activities seriously be it secular or religious. Awards were given to members who distinguished themselves in various academic and sporting activities during the rally.

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Atfal Days in Ashanti Region

Atfal Days Held in Ashanti (5)

Three Circuits in the Ashanti Region successfully held their Atfal Days in accordance with the consolidated programme of the office. Atfal Days are organized to hold competitions in academics and sports to select competitors for the regional Ijtema.

The move is also to encourage maximum participation of Atfal who seldom attend the regional Atfal rallies due to various reasons. The enthusiasm and high level of ecstasy that was observed in the children who participated in the activities was very heart warming.

All the various competitions designed for Atfal were carried out by the Atfal Nazim and his lieutenants who attended all the rallies. Route marches were also organized for the Atfal through very short and safe routes.

A keynote address was presented by the Circuit Missionary on the topic “Obedience to Parents”. A total of 133 Atfal participated in the Atfal Days. The rest of the Circuits are on schedule to hold theirs before they all meet to herald it with the 2nd Annual Regional Atfal Ijtema billed for 10th and 11th June, 2016 insha Allah.

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First Ever Aftal Day in Essakyir Circuit

 First Ever Essakyir Aftal Rally (2)  

Story by Saeed Bin Usman, Nazim Atfal

Alhamdulillah, on the 30th January, 2016, Essakyir Circuit held its first ever Circuit Atfal Rally at Gomoa Apam. It was well attended by 109 Atfal out of 144 Atfal within the Circuit.

Activities undertaken included route match through the streets of Gomoa Apam. The Qaid Illaqa, Nazim Atfal in the person of Mr. Saeed Bin Usman, the Circuit Missionary, the Nazim Umumi, Nazim Isha’at and Mutamim Sihatt-e-Jismani in the person of Mr. Musah Kofi Amissah were there to grace the occasion.

First Ever Essakyir Aftal Rally (3)

The Circuit Missionary spoke on the theme “Respect for Authority” quoting from the Holy Qur’an chapter 4:60 to advise the Atfal on the occasion. Mr. Saeed Bin Usman, the Nazim Atfal quoted from the hadith that paradise lies under the feet of our mothers, which he explained further to advise the Atfal. Mr. Sadick Bin Usman, the Qaid Ilaqa also talked on the important of prayers and also advised them to take their circular education serious.

Academic competitions started after the Qaid Ilaqa’s speech. Sports was not left out of the occasion. The Atfal engaged themselves in football match which Essakyir Jama’at won. The Muhtamim advised the Atfal to train always because we can only serve Allah best when we are in good health and also advised them to respect their parent.

First Ever Essakyir Aftal Rally (1) First Ever Essakyir Aftal Rally

Central West Annual Atfal Sports Festival

Annual Atfal Sports Festival held in Central West (8)

Story by Saeed Bin Osman, Nazim Atfal

Alhamdulillah on 26th December, 2015, Central West Region had it Annual Atfal Sport Festival at Assin Breku in the Assin North Circuit in the Central Region. The occasion was well attended by 245 Atfal from the eight circuit in the region. The occasion was graced by Mr. Uthman Yaw Baidoo (Naib Sadr Southern Sector), Mr. Sadique Bin Usman (Qaid Illaqa), the Circuit Missionary of Assin North and other nazimeen in the region.

The event commenced with a word of advice from the Qaid Illaqa and the opening prayers was led by the Circuit Missionary in the person of Ustaz Ahmed Abakah.

There was a route match through the principal street of Assin Breku which was led by the Naib Sadr Southern Sector to the venue where the games took place.

Annual Atfal Sports Festival held in Central West (1) Annual Atfal Sports Festival held in Central West (2) Annual Atfal Sports Festival held in Central West (9)

The games included blind race, lime and spoon, sack race and football. Abura Circuit won the football category and the Overall Best Circuit went to Essakyir.

The Nazim Atfal for the region promised to make the games a regular annual event to promote peace and the spirit of brotherliness among the Atfal. The Nazim also used the occasion to advise the Atfal present to take the activity of the jama’at serious as well as their circular education for that is the best way they can defend Islam Ahmadiyya.

Annual Atfal Sports Festival held in Central West (7) Annual Atfal Sports Festival held in Central West (5) Annual Atfal Sports Festival held in Central West (4) Annual Atfal Sports Festival held in Central West (3)